Why Are You Not Making Any Affiliate Money Yet? by Clement Chee

If you have been struggling with making your affiliate money online or feeling frustrated in some ways, this article is definitely for you.

After seeing lots and lots of people who are doing well out there with solid proofs of their affiliate paychecks, you too are inspired to achieve the same results.

You have been buying necessary materials like ebooks, reports, videos, subscribes to many mailing list hopefully to get much out of them.

After spending much money, and spending even more in advertising, you are rewarded with no return.

I can understand that!

In this article, I am going to help you to destroy all the hypes and turn you from a frustrated affiliate marketer to one who will be laughing to the bank every week.
Let's see what went wrong.

Newbie By ChoiceI like it when a friend of mine, Gobala Krishnan talks about how newbies are still calling themselves newbies. He calls it 'Newbie by Choice'.

I truly agree with what he says. Everything starts from yourself. In fact I really think one book about Internet marketing is more than enough to help you get started.

I notice this because I have been buying books, e-books, reports and spent a lot of money in Internet marketing materials but I did not earn any money.

Until a point I said to myself, "That's enough, it won't get me excited anymore and I believe that I could even write a book about Internet marketing already!". All the ebooks are the same.

But why are there still affiliate marketers who are not making money?

It is because the action they choose to take! If you have read so many ebooks, still figuring out the right way and waiting for the right time to get started, it will never come.

When an ebook tells you to start an affiliate marketing business, promote their products in forums, articles, PPC and many more, are you acting upon it or not?

You cannot possibly plan everything and it just works according to your plan, after all you are building a business empire. You need step 1 before you can figure out what step 2 is.
So are you a newbie by choice?

Unless you are willing to take action to come out of your newbie status, you will forever be falling to the traps of the hypes. They claim big promises with no results.

Finding The Right MentorI was reading a book last night by John C. Maxwell - Developing the Leader Within You - and he says in his book, 'We do what we see!'

The fastest way to success in anything you do in life is simple. Simply follow the footsteps of the person who is already there. And you need to learn from the best because only through this you are able to achieve the best results.

Adam Khoo is one of the top motivational speakers in Asia. Before he became a speaker, he observed how Anthony Robbins speaks. He attended his conferences, watched his videos and read his books. Today he charges about USD$3500 per hour to speak in a conference.

Why are big companies are willing to invest a huge amount in him? It is simply because when he speaks, he has the exact power to motivate people as Anthony Robbins has!
Adam Khoo today is a multi-millionaire who runs 3 companies with annual profits of SGD$20 million. He is able to achieve all these simple because he has mentors in different areas.

Apart from speaking, Adam Khoo also involves in stock investments he is very good at that. Almost 50% of his yearly income, comes from stock investments.

Why is he able to do so well in stocks? Simply he applied the same strategies a stock investment tycoon use. He is the second richest man in the world and his name is Warren Buffet.
Again, Adam Khoo observed how Warren Buffet invest in stocks and getting the return of investment of 21% is easily possible for him. He has a mentor in stock investment.

So if you want to achieve the same result, you need to follow exactly the same strategies that a successful person applies in achieving his goals.

Not only that, you need to learn from the best. If you want to learn to swim, swim with the sharks and you will be amazed with your improvement in swimming.
It is the same with affiliate marketing. If you want to tackle and beat the affiliate game, you need to learn from the best who is already achieving great results.

Ewen Chia has been involved in affiliate marketing for 8 years now and today, everyone calls him a super affiliate. I call him a world class affiliate because you will be amazed with the commissions he racked from ClickBank itself.

He can easily show you a paycheck that pays more than USD$70,000 in 2 weeks! What is even more amazing is that, he has helped thousands and thousands of affiliate marketers to achieve the same results.

After seeing all the hypes that claim big promises with ineffective strategies, he has finally decided to put this to a stop once and for all.

He has finally revealed his secrets in affiliate marketing where you can do things in exactly the same way he does. You simply have to apply these strategies you have learned and you will achieve the same results.

If you want to have a mentor like him to guide you through in your affiliate journey, you can really rely on his 'Newbie Cash Machine'.

Making affiliate money is not a get-rick-quick scheme. It demands your commitment, action and getting the right mentor. Have you got what it takes?

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About the Author

Clement Chee is a Freelance Writer, Blogger and Ghostwriter. He has also been working for a SEO company and he has got a lot to share in terms of SEO strategies.
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