The Authority Of "Bitter Wind" by Andrew Schwartz

Carolyn Wakeman, the famous author, wrote the book "Bitter Wind", in which he described the imprisonment of Harry Wu in China, when he was convicted for the crime he did not commit. Harry Wu described his experience and told all the events and facts of his life during the imprisonment to Carolyn Wakeman, which united all the information, remade it in the literary way and wrote the book. The question is why Harry Wu has entrusted to another person to describe the events of his life and to write his autobiography. There is a supposition that Wu had not enough knowledge and quite bad English skills, but could it be the main and single reason to let someone to describe private thoughts and feelings connected with the unjust accusation and imprisonment in China. Would the story been more interesting if Wu wrote all the thoughts himself? Harry Wu had no possibility to have good English skills. He was born in China and spent there the larger part of his life. Certainly, he learned English in his childhood in the school and after school. But in any case he was not really good writer. The things he wrote were grammatically and syntactically correct and readers could rightly and clearly understand the thoughts and feelings he expressed and to catch the main ideas. But the artistic style, the manner of the writing were quite middling. During the living in the United States, where he spend few years, he could not get the sense of language and learn all the peculiarities of language, such as phrasal verbs, proverbs and idioms. He would just translate the Chinese expressions word by word into English without using specific features of language. The one more thing is that the book, written in bad English would not have a big success in the book market. And there was also a commercial and marketing reason - the book with the name of Carolyn Wakeman on the cover will always have a huge interest and demand.

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