Brand Yourself The Pay Per Click Genius by George Collins

Now, what is branding. There are other aspects of branding in what you can provide, what you are really good at that you could provide for the market that you are in. If by default you provide marketing, and you have been real good at marketing since even before you came online, and then came online and continued to start to make a lot of money, you could get lots of people asking you, can you show us how you are making money, how do you market, how do you do this. How do you do what you do. So by default we started teaching people marketing.
We did not choose to do this, but this is what people wanted, we were good at providing something to the market that is of value and so we did that. There are different things that you can do, if you are really good at pay per click, say the only way that you can have a branding of that type is if you master something. A lot of people that come to my company are people that learn information from other people or anywhere else. We always tell people the same thing,

you need to pick one thing and learn and master that before you move on to the next thing.
With my company, if you just came in or you have been in for a while and you are kind of stuck and do not know what to do, pick one thing, pick one of the ebooks and learn what is in that ebook. Or you can pick one of the videos in pay per click, or articles and press releases or using other people's list or any video, and that tactic, just do that. Even though you might find yourself wanting to stray from that a week, or a few days or a month after, do not do it. Pick that tactic up, do it and do it and mold it to yourself as to how you do things until you are making sales or it is successful for you for whatever you are using it for.

At that point, when you do that you are almost there to mastery. A full mastery of something means you have learned it, you have applied it, you have molded it to yourself and you have become really good at that tactic, or better than the average person. When you do that you can actually expound on that tactic. When you have mastered a tactic or a marketing method, you can use that marketing method to make whatever amount of money you want. We have trained people that could just use pay per click and make forty, fifty, eighty thousand dollars a month, just with pay per click. Not using any other marketing tactic. We can do the same thing with press releases and articles. We can do the same thing with using other people's lists, because it is over and over again.

Now, when you have mastered something, or become really good at it, better than the average person, you can then show other people what you know, because you are better than the average person. If you have gone so far as to master it, you know a great deal about that subject, you know it works because you do it personally, it is not based on theory, it is not going to be reading any book or watching any video and then say, okay, I read this and watched this and now I am going to teach you what I have just read and watched, no. You have to apply it so you can practice what you preach. There is no way you can show somebody how to do something if you did not do it yourself.

I do not consider myself that smart. I cannot make up stuff like that. There are a lot of people in the world that do that and can do that but I cannot. You have to have practical application. When you know something you have practical application, you are able to know the inside and outside of the program. For example, take pay per click, you become really good at pay per click, you can make sales with your company and you are able to do that consistently. Now you can brand yourself as the pay per click genius, the pay per click king or queen, or whatever you want to call yourself and that way when you start calling yourself that, people start to recognize you as that, especially if you show them what you are doing and it works.

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