How To Stop Smoking Forever

Follow these tips to prevent children from suffering the consequences of second hand smoke;
1) If you must smoke, it is highly important to stay away from children while you do it
Just keep in mind that every time you light a cigarette, you are affecting everyone around you, including loved ones Their risk of negative health effects from second hand smoking is at a higher risk than the average adult
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It is a well known fact that second hand smoke is a major cause of children\'s illness
For teenagers under the age of 18, second hand smoke has been linked with pneumonia, lower respiratory infections, upper respiratory irritation, and increased severity of asthma and asthmatic symptoms blogspot
2) Do not ever smoke in your home
3) Do not ever smoke in your car when your children are riding with you It has been associated with sudden infant death syndrome, middle ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections also know as colds and sore throats, cancer, and leukemia Statistics show that about 5,000 adults die of lung cancer each year as a result of second hand smoke As children develop their lungs and increase breathing rates, their environment could easily affect them in a negative way com A study recently released in Japan suggests that second hand smoke may affect children's gums Second hand smoke is also responsible for increasing everyone's risk of heart disease Second hand smoke has been scientifically proven to cause nasal cancer, cervix cancer, breast cancer and even cancer of the bladder It is much better to smoke outside 80% of the children exposed to second hand smoke, had developed a brownish and even black pigmentation of their gums
4) Make sure that babysitters do not smoke inside or around the child http://www.seoweb2.info/product.php?products_id=22
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How To Stop Smoking Forever

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