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Many effective book videos don't require audio at all, but for those that do, which is the majority, well placed stingers, hits, swells, drones, sound effects and theme music can make an average promo, awesome. Hollywood trailer techs are masters at incorporating compelling elements into movie promos, and with budgets pushing $400K, a fair chunk of those resources are allocated towards audio. The good news for the book video market is, accomplishing the same high level of audio is very doable using professional software like Adobe Audition or Final Cut Pro. In fact, a number of studios use these programs to mix complete movie soundtracks. The key is to be sure the timing of the audio lines up perfectly with the visuals, and the source files are clean. Voice-overs especially, can create a lot of extra work if the recordings didn't originate in a sound booth (a closet surrounded with mattresses does qualify as a sound booth ;). Some hums, clicks, and minor pops can be fixed, but if the recordings are of poor quality, they may not be usable at all, especially if there's no background music to help drown out the flaws.

A good place to seek out voice talent is at www.Voice123.com. Simply post a script for your project and within hours you'll receive a number of voice over demos to select from. Technology has made it possible for many of these talented actors to record high quality audio right from their home studios, and then upload or email them instantly. After selecting the talent, negotiate a buy-out price (or post your budget before hand), have them record two to three variations of the lines, and presto - you get what you need.
Remember to never underestimate the power of good audio for your promo!
RaisyRoo is the creator of StoryPromos.com.

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RaisyRoo is the creator of StoryPromos.com, a book video resource site for authors and publishers.

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