Adwords Analyzer Or Keyword Elite by Yim Virak

As you already know, in order to find profitable niches you can use many free tools on the net such as Overture or Google keywords suggestion tools and then go to Google so check for the number of competitors in Google by using quotation mark around the keywords. If your budget is tight then using these tools is ok and if you want to save your valuable time, Adwords analyzer is a very good tool for every internet marketer to be considered.
This program digs a little deeper than the free tools and gives you highly targeted keyword phrases, which give you a higher chance of being ranked on Google's first page.
It is $ 77 of one time payment and note that this keyword research tool is far cheaper than most other ones, including Keyword Elite, Which is around 200 buck! , WordTracker or Keywords Discovery. It does perfume the same basic thing that keyword Elite does at less than half the cost. KEI does come with more options for PPC campaigns, but AdWords Analyzer should do a trick with your niches and Adwords campaign.
Keywords analyzer tell you about the
- relevant keywords
- number of search (Demand)
- number of result (Supply)
- R/S and KEI
- Number of Google Ads
- Number of Adsense Ads
Frankly, If you just want to find profitable niches or compete with your AdWords marketer tools, then this tool can answer all you question but if you need all in one tools including Adsense Champaign , I recommend Keywords Elite to you.
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