$7.00 Scripts to Building Affiliate Income by Jason Sparks

$7.00 scripts to build affiliate marketing income.

Are you a affiliate marketer?

Do you want to be a affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a big business on the internet today, tomorrow and for the rest of the internet exsistence as you and I both know it to be.

Marketing affiliate products online has revolutionized many online websites around the globe. Most sites are created through either programs or simple to install scripts that make it easier for you to manage and control your website and website affiliate products you might advertise or sell of your own products.

Masters of selling self made products like Script Dojo Which is created by Joel Comm who is a master of online marketing himself creates millions a year in affiliate and self designed products.
Affiliate marketing counts for a lot of sales in online marketing of affiliate products and promoting many unique idea's and making millions for owners and folks who do the simple thing everyday by simply adding links or images of some of the top marketing products through out the web.

I never believed in affiliate products for a long time, till one day I was sent a e-mail about a product that seemed as cheesy as all get out, but i needed to do something. My personal sales were slumping, the traffic to my site was drying up and I was stuck in a big dead end making nothing.

Until I figured out that affiliates products were where I needed to be my site was virtualy dying and it was my pigheaded self that was killing off my own business.

Affiliate Tools and Scripts

Unless your a person who can throw anything together and have already proven that you got what it takes to build a information package or E-products that sell then affiliate linking and affiliate programs are a definitive and must on your site.
Joel Comm made a very valuable assertion in a e-book I was reading about building affiliate sales. We all want to sell our own products, we want to make money off our diligent work we put into our own products but sometimes it's neccessary to look past our own stuff and promote affiliate products to increase sales ratio's.

We can't promote google adsense clicks since it's against google policies but we can focus our sites with affiliate products that hold tremendous value and match googles ads we place on oursites.

Think if a possible customer is looking through your site there interested but they just don't find exactly what there looking for but a google ad catches a glimpse of something there looking more for there going to click that link and generate a small to large profit for you, depending on the targeted bid for the keywords used.

$7.00 Scripts To Build Your Income

Joel made a comment that Cinemas don't make much through ticket sales but through advertising business on the previews and promoting things for other businesses they create what we would call affiliate commissions.

Cinemas make there money through popcorn, soda, candy. I'm sure you've noticed a $.89 candy bar you'd buy at the store cost $1.49 in all honesty we know if we want that candy bar were going to pay the $1.49 cause it's there and were not leaving the cinema to go buy it for $.89 at the store. This is where the cinema makes there true profit.

Next time you go to the cinema to see that movie you've been waiting for just think about what you read here and tell me i'm wrong. If you got what I want and it isn't going to cost a arm and a leg you think that I won't spend a little more or drive further to get what i or you are looking for...........sure you will.

About the Author

We dream of success and we think of the next big adventure but thinking and dreaming don't create reality for you. The only true reality is going after what you want and sticking to your plan until you reach your goal.

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