Women - the Source of Life by Andrew Schwartz

The society of the African town Igbo permitted the beating of the women. Okonkwo, one of the Igbo men beat his wife when she did not cooked the meal for him, left the children without care or offended him. In the majority of cases the wife beating was not punished.

The second wife of Okonkwo, Ekwifi was very loving, intelligent and independent. She had ten children, but only one of them, Ezinma, survived. Because of this she became very resentful. She devoted all her time to the only child and tried to do everything for the daughter. But the husband considered Ekwifi the unlucky person, because she did not give the birth to the boy. It meant that the surname of her husband would not continue. Because of it she was beaten and humiliated by Okonkwo. But nevertheless he loved her more than the other wives.

Ezinma, Okonkwo and Ewefi`s daughter always get a lot of love and care from the people he knew. His father also loved her very much, but she was very upset that she was not a boy. And she said that she would be happier to have a son. But nevertheless Okonkwo always tried to protect his daughter and she justified father`s hopes: she had all the features of the real woman - intelligence, strength and confidence.

It is not curiously that there were a lot of problems and incomprehension in the country, where there best part of the population, women, was not respected and honored. When the things are good and the life is successful, the children in Africa are closer to their fathers, but when they collide with the troubles and problems, they look for the supporting and try to talk with mothers. They always give a good advice and help to choice the best decision. Women in fact have a huge power in the life, because they know a secret - they are the only source of life and they are the main defenders of life.

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