Snakehead: The Journey to Australia by Jacob Marshal

Known for exciting children novels such as the "Alex Rider" and the "Diamond Brothers" series, Anthony Horowitz, the celebrated English author and scriptwriter now brings the "Snakehead", the 7th novel in the "Alex Rider" series. The book has been already released in Australia and it's going to be released in the UK and the USA on this coming 13th November. Those who went through the earlier "Alex Rider" series including "Stormbreaker", "Point Blank", "Skeleton Key", "Eagle Strike", "Scorpia", "Ark Angel", they need not wait more, the excitement of adventure is coming soon.

The plot of Snakehead revolves around the Alex who lands in Australia after falling from space who is eventually picked up by ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service). Alex meets three friends working for ASIS namely X-Ray, Scooter and Texas. Alex accompanies his friends to the beach to attend a wonderful barbecue but is abandoned through a forest discovering himself on a training facility. Alex stands on a bomb which is supposed to be blasted within 15 minutes. But Alex jumps of it immediately and later come to know that the trap was made on him by ASIS to judge his calibre. The story starts like this and moves further with Alex getting recruited by ASIS to infiltrate one of the ruthless gangs operating across South East Asia. Known as snakeheads, the gangs smuggle drugs, weapons, and worst of all, people. Alex accepts the assignment, in part for the chance to work with his godfather and learn more about his parents. What he uncovers, however, is a secret that will make this his darkest and most dangerous mission yet . . . and that his old nemesis, Scorpia, is anything but out of his life.

So, wait for some time more and get a copy of this adventurous novel by Anthony Horowitz. Adventure and excitement will surely run into your blood!

About the Author
Jacob Marshal, a dedicated writer of Rupizcompare.co.uk which provide information on alex rider books and eagle strike book

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